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Why Digital Transformation projects often fail
While many organizations want to learn how to digitally transform , and how to do it fast , in most cases , initiatives that are rushed and driven by adopting the latest technology – rather than being driven by the organizational model – do not necessarily result in success .
Corporations must understand that while Digital Transformation offers many advantages , it does not necessarily mean it is easy to define , plan and execute . Therefore , for healthcare leaders and organizations , one of the main challenges will be how they approach Digital Transformation from the start .
Aside from the issue of limited funding , a major hurdle is that senior healthcare officials and key decisionmakers approaching Digital Transformation programs have likely never executed projects at such scale or complexity before . And if it ’ s not implemented correctly , it could do more harm than good . To make matters even more challenging , healthcare organizations are traditionally slow to address legacy IT and data issues . There ’ s also the impact of market uncertainty pushing Digital Transformation initiatives into the foreground . Indeed , according to GlobalData , 63 % of healthcare and pharmaceutical professionals expect disruption to digitalization initiatives in their business units due to inflation . However , if we ’ ve learned anything from the pandemic , it ’ s that Digital Transformation initiatives not only reduce costs but empower success .
How to approach Digital Transformation
Healthcare organizations must reassess their current operational model and identify exactly where a digital solution would be best suited , or the technology that could be better placed , to improve overall efficiency and operability .
Taking the size and complexity of the healthcare system into account , transformation projects should be executed in a phased manner , by streamlining or simplifying critical business processes one at a time . With this , healthcare leaders need a clear understanding of what sustainability and business
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