Intelligent CIO North America Issue 31 | Page 49

COUNTRY FOCUS : CARIBBEAN rst Caribbean undering tech

BONI , facilitating their digitalization journey with our cutting edge AMLS solution . With our highly reliable and customizable solutions , Tookitaki is perfectly positioned to protect customers from financial crime losses .”
Tookitaki pioneered the first-of-its-kind communitydriven Anti-Financial Crime ( AFC ) ecosystem that includes a network of experts and provides a platform for the experts to create a knowledge base to share financial crime scenarios . This collective intelligence is the ability of a large group of AFC experts to pool their knowledge , data , and skills in order to tackle complex problems related to financial crime and pursue innovative ideas .
The AFC ecosystem is a game changer since it helps remove the information vacuum created by siloed operations . It also provides a platform where financial crime scenarios are shared across an ecosystem through a privacy-protected framework . The network of experts includes risk advisers , legal firms , AFC specialists , consultancies and financial institutions from across the globe . p
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