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Data silos threatening productivity and efficiency levels for nearly half of pharma businesses

development or manufacturing to find out where drug manufacturing is heading in the next three to five years .
According to the research , larger pharma businesses in particular are more likely to see data silos hinder internal collaboration efforts . More than half ( 53 %) of businesses with total annual revenues of more than US $ 1 billion said these silos derailed the efficiency of cross-functional collaboration in their organization versus 44 % for companies with annual revenue between US $ 50 million and US $ 249 million (£ 47 –£ 224million ) and 47 % for companies with revenues between US $ 250 and US $ 999 million range , who said the same .

Nearly half ( 48 %) of senior decision-makers working for drug development companies or manufacturers said data silos derailed the efficiency of cross-functional collaboration in their organization .

This was a key finding of research commissioned by Aspen Technology , which surveyed 400 global professionals with expertise in drug
“ Information silos are often created by lack of connectivity between data sources across departments , which can hinder efficiencies across the product lifecycle ,” said Raman Bhatnagar , Vice President and General Manager at Aspen Technology .
“ This is especially true when scaling up from drug design to commercial manufacture and then again when moving from production to quality assurance release .”

Hammerspace announces new US Federal Division to help agencies unify data

Hammerspace , a pioneer of the Global Data Environment , has announced the opening of its US Federal Division to help federal agencies create a data cloud to unify data from edge to core and across multi-cloud environments .

Leading this new division is Robert Renzoni , joining the Hammerspace executive team as Director of Technical Sales . He brings a wealth of technology experience and partner relationship management from Quantum , Advanced Digital Information Corp and Raytheon Systems .
The Federal Government is increasingly focused on creating a unified data cloud to collect , analyze and retain large amounts of data that need to be available for any location .
As a result , civilian agencies and the Department of Defense are under pressure to deliver innovative strategies to meet data mandates , reduce infrastructure costs , drive efficiencies and increase innovations .
The Hammerspace Global Data Environment solves global data access and usage problems by making it possible to create a secure data cloud that spans infrastructure , clouds and locations . It is billed as delivering the world ’ s first and only solution to connect global users with their data and applications on any existing data center infrastructure or AWS , Azure Google , Seagate and other cloud services .
As part of the announcement , Hammerspace is introducing several initiatives designed to rapidly grow its engagement with federal agencies . p
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