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Nokia digitalizes 100 % of global 5G network deployments

Nokia has announced it has

digitalized 100 % of its 5G network deployments around the world , bringing high-quality , agility and transparency to customers globally .
Through the use of digitalization , Machine Learning and automation , Nokia is simplifying the deployment of the network infrastructure , accelerating both time-tomarket and return on the 5G investment ( ROI ) for operators .
Traditional network deployments rely on combinations of both paper-based and digital documentation that can often lead to errors and inefficiencies . With digital project orchestration and data inventories , Nokia is enabling network roll-outs to be carried out swiftly and cost-effectively , matching the agility demands from customers and helping them to bring new services to market faster .
This is leading to reductions in site visits ( 30 %), as well as improvements in installation quality ( 30 %), back office transactions ( 30 %) and cycle times ( 25 %).
By completely digitalizing its 5G network deployments , Nokia is enabling a simpler , faster , more efficient and higher quality delivery of services . Nokia ’ s industry-first digital deployment services have helped over 100 customers around the world by bringing transparency to every phase of a project .
The digital deployment offering enables CSPs to easily and comprehensively manage their assets by providing a digital database of network assets that can be used to remotely and virtually access sites , making it much easier to upgrade and expand their estate . Additionally , it makes deployments more sustainable as it minimizes the CO 2 footprint by reducing truck rolls and eliminating paper , saving an estimated 1,500 trees a year .
Key digital deployment services include :
• Automated workflow orchestration to deploy the right crews , with the right equipment , at the right time and place
• Site digital database for faster technology evolution and upgrades as sites can be accessed remotely and CSPs can get a 360 degree virtual view
• Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning-powered tools to identify defects in real-time through automated analysis
Nokia ’ s digital deployments are continuously evolving to take advantage of the power of AI-based innovations , to further improve efficiencies at scale . Intelligent defect recognition will use powerful Machine Learning-based algorithms to identify defects in real-time through automated analysis of pre / post implementation pictures or video content . The system will also intelligently provide feedback on space availability to place specific equipment , without the need of a site visit .
Sanjay Goel , President of Global Services , Nokia , said : “ Today , many operators suffer from a fragmented way in how their nextgen 5G networks are designed , built and managed . The adoption of automation , AI and the digitalization of assets are vital steps in a CSP ’ s Digital Transformation journey to capture the full potential of 5G . We are extremely proud to be the first to have reached this milestone of 100 % digital deployments so customers around the world can benefit from a faster , more sustainable and higher quality network deployment process .”
Chris Antlitz , Principal Analyst , TBR , said : “ Nokia ’ s ability to provide digitalized network deployment services spanning the full workflow of site development exemplifies the company ’ s commitment to and progress with its Digital Transformation journey .” •
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