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Swisslog partners with Texas retail chain H-E-B to deploy automated microfulfillment centers

Swisslog , a provider of warehouse automation and software , has partnered with H-E-B in San Antonio , Texas , to support the company ’ s growing demand for online fulfillment . Swisslog is working with H-E-B to deploy a number of automated microfulfillment centers to support the chain ’ s curbside pick-up and delivery business . The automated micro-fulfillment centers will enhance H-E-B ’ s leadership in the industry by streamlining online fulfillment and moving it closer to the customer . It will allow the retail chain to efficiently meet the growing demand for curbside pick-up without negatively impacting customer experience in the store .

Brookhaven National Laboratory selects DDN ’ s A3I AI400X all-NVME flash appliance storage

With more than 2,000 installations around the globe , Swisslog has invaluable experience in multiple flexible , scalable and modular automation technologies . The company offers a range of automation solutions and software to fit grocers ’ online fulfillment strategies , whether it ’ s a hub-and-spoke arrangement , a bolt-on store automation approach , micro-fulfillment centers or a fully automated grocery store . Swisslog recently released an e-book , A Guide to e-Grocery Fulfillment Strategies and Technologies , that looks at accelerating the need for automated e-grocery fulfillment and examines strategic approaches that can be taken and automation technologies that can be utilized .
H-E-B ’ s new micro-fulfillment centers feature AutoStore empowered by Swisslog ’ s SynQ software and pick stations .

Brookhaven National Laboratory in New York has selected DDN ’ s A3I AI400X all-NVME flash appliance storage for fast optimum experimental design for its Computational Science Initiative ( CSI ). With the DDN AI storage solution , Brookhaven National Laboratory , one of 10 national laboratories overseen and primarily funded by the Office of Science of the US Department of Energy , plans to expand its project portfolio and Advanced Computing Lab ( ACL ).

CSI ’ s ACL is comprised of highperformance systems and software architectures and will leverage the AI400X to provide a collaborative environment for scientists and technologists from government laboratories and academia agencies . CSI ’ s ACL helps to address Big Data questions and challenges in dataintensive applications .
With the on-going consolidation of its computing infrastructure , Brookhaven National Laboratory will provide an opportunity for scientific user capabilities to other research centers via an enhanced data analysis ecosystem .
Such technology that facilitates fast data transfer from experimental instruments to the ACL ’ s analysis system and storage will provide prime use cases for A3I with NVIDIA DGX systems .
The AI400X , connected to the NVIDIA DGX-2 , enhances CSI ’ s system capabilities for AI workloads in the data center .
Delivering the fastest performance for AI workflows at any scale , the AI400X provides up to 48GBps of throughput , more than 3 million IOPS and up to 256TB of usable NVMe capacity in a 2U form factor .
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