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Vectra ’ s 2023 predictions warn skills shortage will become a talent war

Christian Borst , EMEA CTO at Vectra AI , and Brian Neuhaus , CTO , Americas at Vectra AI , have outlined a range of trends that they believe will have a big impact on the cybersecurity industry next year .

Vectra AI , a leader in Security AI-driven hybrid cloud threat detection and response , has released its predictions for 2023 , revealing the emerging trends that will shape cybersecurity next year .

Christian Borst , EMEA CTO at Vectra AI , said : “ Next year , organizations will face more unknown cyberthreats targeting on-premises systems , cloud infrastructure and SaaS applications . The skills shortage is worsening too , causing analysts to becoming overloaded and burnt-out . Combined , this is creating a perfect storm , leaving organizations more vulnerable to a breach .
“ Organizations must adopt an effective detection and response strategy that reduces the burden on analysts , prioritizing the most high-risk alerts . This means using tools that can identify the suspicious behaviors that an adversary will exhibit as part of an unfolding attack , flagging up these signals so organizations can stop an attack before it becomes a breach .”
Supply chain attacks will continue but hackers will look beyond the ‘ usual suspects ’ to cause havoc : Attackers will continue to cause maximum disruption in the form of supply chain attacks , but instead of targeting key suppliers , they will look beyond the ‘ usual suspects ’ to gain access into networks .
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