Intelligent CIO North America Issue 29 | Page 50

appreciate concierge and customer solutions that we could not have got elsewhere . culture at the contact center agent level . That ’ s very difficult to replicate .”
“ ACT has been part of our growth from day one . From the beginning , they put great effort into helping us succeed – and in my 25 years of customer operations , I ’ ve never seen anything like it .
“ ACT is an extension of our business , which goes far beyond white labeling , which is too often done in name only , and instead adapted and assimilated our
ACT enables College Ave to deliver on our vision of best-in-class customer experience .
As time has passed , some things have changed , while others remain the same . College Ave ’ s burgeoning business has required more agents , with some differentiation in the services provided . An initially inbound contact center supporting a singular product has evolved with introducing refinance and other solutions . From predominantly telephonic interactions , chat was introduced . For more complex interactions , email ticketing emerged along with agent workflows for more detailed interactions . At busy times , the number of agents can exceed 60 .
“ When contracting with ACT , you ’ re not just getting agent capital but a leadership team in a box ,” commented Chas . “ From supervisors and trainers to workforce management and development teams and even the executive team . We started with a blank sheet
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