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The results
• Ensures continual operation of city services and helps anchor the BC / DR strategy . “ We chose Veeam because it was the only solution to deliver on all three requirements : simplicity , flexibility and affordability ,” Burroughs said . “ Veeam is a consistent and stable enterpriseready solution .”
• Saves Birmingham more than US $ 100,000 in IT costs and troubleshooting time . “ Many cities have small IT teams like ours , so knowing that a junior person can easily operate Veeam and recover data in a crisis is hugely beneficial ,” added McDonald .
• Offers reliable , affordable data protection for cloud workloads in the future . Veeam helps cities accelerate cloud adoption , actualize savings in the cloud and achieve DR and compliance goals through long-term retention and disaster readiness .
machines and one physical machine to Dell EMC Data Domain on premises and off premises .
The Veeam solution
Veeam helps Birmingham ensure the continual operation of city services . It serves as an anchor for the city ’ s Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery ( BC / DR ) strategy and saves a total of more than US $ 100,000 in IT costs and troubleshooting time . In addition , Veeam offers reliable , affordable data protection for cloud workloads in the future .
“ Veeam gives us a documented business resumption plan – something that wasn ’ t possible with the legacy solutions because they didn ’ t offer visibility like Veeam monitoring and reporting ,” Burroughs said .
“ They also didn ’ t offer high-speed recovery features like Instant VM Recovery . Anyone on the IT team can use Veeam because every step for backup and recovery is documented . Very little training is required because Veeam is so simple to use .”
Because Veeam integrates with Data Domain Boost , backup is 50 % faster than before , and because Veeam is storage neutral , it backs up and restores content on the city ’ s NAS device quickly and easily , including police and fire records .
“ I can ’ t express how important it is that Veeam is protecting these records ,” McDonald added .
“ Our records include investigations and photographic evidence going back decades . Reliable data protection is what we appreciate most about Veeam . It ’ s what will give us peace of mind if we transition to cloud computing in the future .”
Veeam helps cities like Birmingham manage backup to the cloud , from the cloud and within the cloud . Whether cities are moving production workloads to the cloud or leveraging an off-site cloud target for long-term retention and disaster preparedness , Veeam supports them on their cloud journey .
Burroughs said this level of simplicity means no one spends two to three days troubleshooting backups , saving approximately US $ 50,000 in employee time annually . Veeam backs up and replicates 100 TB across 170 VMware vSphere virtual
“ No matter what we ’ re planning for the future or what we ’ re currently encountering , we know we can get instant support from Veeam and that ’ s something else we appreciate ,” Burroughs said . “ The Veeam solution is consistently reliable , and so are the Veeam people .” p
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