Intelligent CIO North America Issue 29 | Page 53


Reports reveal Continuous Deployment helps scale software development processes

New reports from Armory and Gartner Peer Insights reveals continuous deployment helps scale software development processes , product growth and businesses .

Armory , the Continuous Deployment company , has released new reports about the state of deployment practices .

The three reports detail current practices , priorities and pain points for development teams working to speed up their release cycles , increase app quality and reliability and improve their customers ’ experience .
Armory and Gartner Peer Insights surveyed 400 engineering and operations professionals to better understand their current approach to deployment , efforts to improve speed-to-market and common pain points .
Key findings include :
• The top app development and deployment priority is ensuring reliable deployments
• The top three metrics for measuring quality are customer satisfaction , competitive response and financial results
• The three top pain points are manual steps , lack of consistency and inability to easily deploy
“ These reports uncover challenges facing development teams , from manual processes to inconsistencies and complexity ,” said Adam Frank , Vice President of Product , Armory . “ Deployment velocity , quality and
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