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COUNTRY FOCUS : EAST COAST of paper , knowing what we wanted and the desired solution is exactly what ACT has delivered .”
Lasting value built on quality relationships
Chas said the relational aspect of the engagement stands out . “ I ’ ve flown to the Johnson City location dozens of times , meeting with software teams and designing the GUI interface for more effective agent interactions , developing a call attendant routing people to the agents with the right skill sets for specific issues , developing scripts and the training curriculum . I gave the requirements ; they came back with workable proposals . This is tremendously different from any other experience with a service provider .”
In fact , ACT has contributed its own intellectual property to the development of College Ave ’ s contact center , according to Chas . “ They ’ ve come up with solutions to problems I didn ’ t know I had . Combined with a willingness to push back and discuss my requirements as a client , it has set the stage for years of success .”
One example was the pandemic , where ACT frontfooted matters with a work-from-home proposal . “ They had thought through the operational complexity of a large lift and shift , and delivered ,” said Chas . “ If you ’ d asked me in 2016 if we ’ d ever work from home , I would have said ‘ no .’ Now , convincing me of the necessity to return agents to the office would be difficult .”
When contracting with ACT , you ’ re not just getting agent capital but a leadership team in a box .
There ’ s hard evidence of the performance of College Ave ’ s contact center : it has exceeded all Key Performance Indicators by a wide margin .
• Abandon rate ( calls ): Target 3 %, achieved 1 %
• Average speed of answer : Target 30 seconds , achieved 12 seconds
• Abandon rate ( chats ): Target 3 %, achieved 2 %
• Emails : Average speed of answer : Target 24 hours , achieved 4 hours
Again , Chas credits – and re-emphasizes – relationships for ACT ’ s ability to flexibly respond to College Ave ’ s requirements . “ This is the single most important factor . We ’ ve effectively worked with the same leadership team and the same points of contact for six years . Many of our agents have been on this account since 2016 . That ’ s unheard of in this industry .
“ Simply put , ACT enables College Ave to deliver on our vision of best-in-class customer experience .” p
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