Intelligent CIO North America Issue 29 | Page 49


wanted professionally mature people representing the brand and our product in a ‘ brand ambassador meets helpdesk ’ combination .”
Striking the right balance with customer centricity and advocacy , he stressed , was at the same time crucial to College Ave and hard to find .
The contact center is a key customer engagement point and an opportunity to make a lasting impression .
It ’ s a demanding specification , Chas admitted , and said it probably took ACT somewhere outside its usual staffing protocol . But great things often have inauspicious beginnings , and from day one , ACT set about impressing its new customer .
“ What made this unique is ACT provided agents who came to our office and worked among our colleagues . This was far from typical ,” Chas added .
Taking unusual routes to value
The atypical nature didn ’ t stop there . As College Ave rapidly expanded , so did its contact center staffing arrangements . “ On expansion it relocated the team to its Pennsylvania executive office suite , even making some building changes and creating a contact center bay ,” said Chas . “ This was the first time we came to
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