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bBalancing Security While Enabling Your People : Your Job Just Got Harder

With the proliferation of data , cloud apps and mobility , people are now truly your corporate security perimeter . The network edge is now your employee ’ s kitchen , living room or home office . COVID-19 has forced organizations to accelerate the evolution of the work environment by five to 10 years : your colleagues are likely permanently remote or connecting to cloud services with an IP address they didn ’ t obtain from IT .
No longer bound by physical or network infrastructures , your people want to move at the speed of innovation , and security that inhibits productivity becomes an excuse to break the rules . Shadow IT creates blind spots where your people sidestep policies , which only increase the risk of data theft , accidental leakage , and corporate exposure .
Every entity on the network , from privileged accounts and contractors to employees and even bad actors , are potential threats to IP and other users .
In a mobile and SaaS world , how do you handle the insider threat when nobody is inside ? On top of this , regulations such as GDPR and CCPA compel you to respond quickly to breaches and proactively mitigate risk or , otherwise , face stiff fines and other penalties .
The old security approach tried to keep attackers out by building higher walls . Now your people are beyond the walls . We need a new security model that safely enables employees as much as it protects IP and critical data .
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