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Zoho Finance Platform achieves 50 % year-over-year growth

“ There are not many finance platforms in the market available to growing global businesses . This requires supporting multiple countries , complying with constantly evolving tax and regulatory rules . By offering 14 editions of Zoho Books – and growing – we ’ re moving towards being the most comprehensive financial platform in the world ,” said Raju Vegesna , Chief Evangelist for Zoho .
“ We will continue to be innovative , challenge the conventional wisdom and raise the bar in the industry on what a finance platform can be and how businesses globally can benefit from it .”

Zoho Finance Platform has achieved 50 % year-over-year ( YOY ) revenue growth , supporting more than half a million businesses across more than 160 countries .

Driving the growth is the global expansion of its cloud-based accounting application , Zoho Books , which now supports 180 currencies , 17 languages , and is backed by a comprehensive global tax engine that solves country-specific tax compliance challenges .
Following the launch of Zoho Books in Mexico , a few weeks after launching in Kenya , the accounting application now supports 14 editions , including a global version .
Launched in 2011 , Zoho Books is among Zoho ’ s five highest-grossing products , with revenue growing 50 % YOY . The accounting application offers editions across the globe , including the US , UK , Canada , India , Australia , UAE , Kenya and Mexico . Zoho Books is a government recognised tax-compliant solution in the UK , Saudi Arabia , UAE and India .

Honeywell supports NASA with key technologies to bring humans to the Moon and Mars

Honeywell technology is helping enable NASA ’ s Artemis I launch , as well as several other aspects of planned NASA missions that will bring astronauts to the Moon and Mars .

Over the course of NASA ’ s Artemis program , Honeywell technology will play an increasingly critical role in the Orion spacecraft and the Artemis missions .
Honeywell provides the full navigation and guidance system for the Artemis I launch vehicle . This allows the spacecraft to know exactly where it ’ s going , stay on course and return safely to Earth . Honeywell technology is also helping control the thrust on rockets that travel 73 times faster than the cars in the Indy 500 .
“ We ’ re incredibly proud that our technology is supporting the Artemis missions to bring Americans back to the Moon , and eventually Mars ,” said Mike Madsen , President and CEO of Honeywell Aerospace .
“ Honeywell has been a part of every crewed space mission in NASA ’ s history , which is a big source of pride for all of us here . Although we ’ re proud of our legacy with previous NASA missions , I couldn ’ t be more excited that our employees are shaping the future of human space exploration through the Artemis missions .”
Honeywell will provide 14 product types for crewed Artemis missions III through V , including both hardware and software solutions , to support NASA ’ s lunar missions .
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