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Plans announced to deliver AT & T fiber-powered broadband in Indiana

The project is contingent upon a final contract between the county and AT & T .
“ With AT & T Fiber , our community will be even better positioned for healthy growth and new economic opportunities ,” said Delaware County Commissioner James King .
“ Our residents , businesses and visitors will soon reap the benefits of faster Internet speeds , and we ’ re grateful that AT & T stepped up with plans to bring this new technology here .”
“ For us to experience the benefits of connectivity and succeed in the digital economy , we have to be connected to the Internet ,” said Delaware County Commissioner Sherry Riggin . “ This public-private collaboration with AT & T is both effective and efficient , and we ’ re excited about the possibilities it brings with it .”

Delaware County , Indiana , has announced plans for a US $ 2.3 million project with AT & T to build a state-of-the-art network and deliver

AT & T Fiber to some 1,250 customer locations in parts of the county .
“ Our community needs a fiber network like this – one that ’ s equipped to handle the connectivity demands of today and tomorrow ,” said Delaware County Commissioner Shannon Henry . “ We know that deploying fiber networks is no simple task . Fortunately , AT & T is joining us for this long-term plan to build , maintain and expand fiber here .”

NEC and Virginia Tech Transportation Institute demonstrate intersection safety using AI-based video analytics

NEC and Virginia Tech Transportation Institute ( VTTI ) have successfully carried out a proof of concept ( PoC ) to provide safety information and warnings to drivers , pedestrians and other road users near intersections using AI-based video analysis technologies .

Koji Kikuchi , Senior Director , Smart City Business Development Division , NEC , said : “ This PoC combines state-of-the-art AI-based video analytical solutions with C-V2X technology to create social value that contributes to safety and security for vehicles and pedestrians in the vicinity of intersections .
“ VTTI believes this PoC will complement C-V2X technology and improve road safety by informing vehicles and pedestrians of possible traffic hazards when passing through an intersection . VTTI intends to work together with NEC to apply the results of this PoC to intersections on live public roads .”
“ These technologies are capable of identifying hazardous situations in areas that can be blind spots for drivers and pedestrians and notifying them of such situations . NEC believes that this solution can contribute to a reduction in crashes and fatalities , as well as to support automated driving from roadside infrastructure .”
Mike Mollenhauer , Director of the Division of Technology Implementation at VTTI , said : “ The concept of infrastructurecooperative mobility that NEC is aiming for requires highly reliable , low-latency communications via a dedicated network to predict or detect incidents near intersections .
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