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“ Honestly , it was such a small portion of the total cost of the migration – and I would say the best money we spent ,” added Piraino . “ We have what I view as an uncommon enterprise IT environment – starting with the VMs we are running and the fact that we are a MAC centric company from the front to the back office .
“ There could have been some really significant hurdles in getting this project off the ground . For instance , we certainly didn ’ t want to have to go out and buy all new hardware and set up VM proxies for users to provide them with access during the migration . Also , we didn ’ t want to have to call NetApp every time we had a NetApp-specific head-scratcher .



CBX then engaged with Datadobi to develop the migration plan , deploy DobiMigrate and provide endto-end management .
“ We couldn ’ t allow even a moment of downtime or loss of data availability of any kind . The migration involved every single piece of CBX data – from client to CBX business data , spread across two geographically dispersed locations ,” Piraino said . “ Typically , we use NetApp SnapMirror , but we knew it wasn ’ t the answer for this level of a migration . With DobiMigrate , we finished in weeks , rather than in months , with not even one hiccup .”
By migrating the data to the new hardware , CBX can enjoy greatly expanded features and functionality . Topping the list is data security and support for cloud tiering via NetApp ’ s ONTAP data management software .
“ But with Datadobi helping us to manage the initial configuration with its deep NetApp expertise , we avoided all these potential issues and it was smooth sailing from there ,” Piraino said . “ Having that level of expertise was invaluable . Nothing happened without Datadobi making sure it was being done correctly . It was such a load off my mind .
“ The final cutover was really smooth – with absolutely zero impact on any of our team ’ s work . We completed it on a Friday evening . And on Saturday morning , everything was up and running . When you , your internal users and your boss feel zero pain , that ’ s always a good thing .” p
When asked what advice Piraino would offer others contemplating an enterprise class data migration , he said : “ Here was the big thing for us . We purchased the DobiMigrate licensing and management services , meaning we had a Datadobi Implementation Specialist dedicated to ensuring the success of our migration initiative .
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