Intelligent CIO North America Issue 27 - Page 62

CASE STUDY twas end-of-life .

The challenge
Recently , the NetApp data storage platform and associated software on which CBX had long relied on
This meant that no additional firmware , patches , or upgrades would be made available . In addition , warranty support would soon come to an end . While CBX had the option of extending the life of its equipment via third-party maintenance , it decided that this strategy might not only introduce data availability , protection and security vulnerabilities , but would also likely end up costing even more in the long run .
As a longtime customer of NetApp , it decided that its best option would be to remain with NetApp and upgrade to the vendor ’ s newest platform . In doing so , it would not only remain with a brand it trusted but CBX would also benefit from increased capabilities and heightened security .
With this decision made , the next critical consideration was how best to migrate the Network Attached Storage ( NAS ) data from its existing data storage environments to the new .
The data migration would involve the entirety of CBX ’ s client and internal business production data housed across two geographically dispersed locations in Minneapolis and New York City .
The solution
CBX reached out to its technology vendor SHI , for a recommendation on how best to proceed . SHI highly recommended Datadobi and its DobiMigrate enterpriseclass migration software for NAS and object data .
“ SHI assured us that DobiMigrate could be trusted to deliver in the most complex and demanding environments , while ensuring that we meet our data security and integrity objectives for migration to our new storage ,” said Don Piraino , IT Manager , CBX .
“ The fact that Datadobi is also vendor agnostic and has the ability to move data from any vendor ’ s platform to another heterogeneous platform on prem , remote , or in the cloud added to my comfort level . It is nice knowing that I am not locked into any one vendor . But more importantly for me , this spoke to Datadobi ’ s industry unique experience managing diverse migrations across many different platforms and environments .”
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