Intelligent CIO North America Issue 27 - Page 50

Blue Diamond Resorts implementation program kicked off during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic . Through all the uncertainty , the Sabre project management structure provided reliability .
“ It was an extremely positive experience having such a structured project management methodology and all the expertise along the way throughout the implementation . When it comes to the experience in working with and collaborating with the Sabre team , responsiveness has fundamentally been one of the keys to our success ,” said Patterson .
“ Having that immediate responsiveness with the team and their agility and willingness to pivot with us . . . those factors have really helped our relationship to grow .”
Driving direct revenue up 250 %
Sabre ’ s partnership-style approach provided Blue Diamond Resorts with solutions for both current and future growth .
“ Now SynXis is the center hub where everybody is connected ,” Dalati said .
“ The two-way connectivity allows us to build our pricing dynamically and provides substantial ease . As we move our BAR rate everything else changes .”
When launched , the changes were immediately felt by not only the Blue Diamond Resorts team , but also its partners .
Planet Hollywood , Cancun
“ It was really very exciting to be able to launch the promo at the same time on our website and with all our connected partners ,” Dalati said . “ Now simultaneously everybody is
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