Intelligent CIO North America Issue 27 | Page 21

Despite SLAs to restore services immediately , it took 11 hours for the service to be restored , and 10 more hours to restore full operations .
• Gain insight on anticipating and handling outages by evaluating the past performance of the IT help desk . p
This was because of an attempted repair of a faulty device , which delayed the switch over to a contingency hardware platform .
By then , the damage was already done . Although these 11 hours didn ’ t cost much in terms of Virgin Blue ’ s IT service availability for the year , they cost Virgin Blue approximately $ 10 million in terms of lost business .
Tips for minimizing lost business hours
• Proper planning and execution of application upgrades , server migration , and any IT change implementation process .
• Having a clean and well-defined CMDB to identify critical failure points and understanding CI interactions in the network to identify the cascading impact of failed changes .
• Educating IT teams on the risks of SLA violations in terms of lost business hours and revenue .
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