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Tridiuum recognized that Infor Cloverleaf technology solutions would be able to evolve the platform further , creating opportunities for better overall EMR integration while minimizing the number of different software solutions users would have to rely on .
“ The roots of our tool and its development came with the provider in mind , and that works as well for the payer . What we ' re doing is marrying those concepts , and our flavor is appealing to the whole ecosystem ,” said Cypher .
Cypher notes : “ Our users didn ' t want to use multiple different pieces of software . They wanted to be able to go one place . And so in order to get them to leverage the data that we were producing , we recognized that we really needed to be able to integrate with their host systems .”
Bridging a vital patient data gap with Infor
The core ability of Tridiuum ’ s system is to place patient members with the right healthcare provider in the context of the right setting , cost and timeframe . Users are matched according to their needs with specific clinical professionals , all of whom are qualified by benchmarks within a highly regulated industry – with truly life or death outcomes depending on the quality of care .
While patients were reporting information and it was being gathered by Tridiuum ’ s system , a vast majority of the data wasn ’ t being used as an integral part of patient treatment .
“ What we found ,” said Cypher , “ is that less than 10 % of the reports and the information generated was actually opened by the providers .”
Yet the need for information was greater than ever . “ Providing access to care is critical , especially in this current environment ,” said Cypher .” I think the statistic was one in five people needing behavioral health care prior to COVID , and the statistic is more like one in three now after the last two years .”
Maintaining seamless integration with the host EMR was critical . Users didn ' t want to use multiple pieces of software to track and monitor data .
Before Infor Cloverleaf , Tridiuum was relying on oneoff custom integration builds and lacked a repeatable process for communicating via multiple platforms across different customer databases .
Making a real difference in healthcare outcomes
Another element that Tridiuum aimed to enhance was determining how best to differentiate behavioral health specialists . Unlike other forms of medicine , each behavioral healthcare provider could offer an enormously different clinical experience , different patient care strategy and even widely different administrative infrastructures .
The clinical strengths of each behavioral health community remain largely self-reported – but Tridiuum ’ s data-based approach can help establish who is actually good at which elements of care through measurable outcomes .
The ability to measure behavioral health outcomes required being able to facilitate the connectivity between provider EMR and Tridiuum ’ s patient data silos .
Infor Cloverleaf helps Tridiuum measure provider success based on access and outcomes , ensuring patients are getting better and the relevant information is being used throughout the course of treatment .
By bringing in Infor Cloverleaf Integration Suite , Tridiuum accelerated its data integration strategy and gained the ability to facilitate better connectivity between provider EMRs and patient data .
Tech-driven solution for an evolving industry model
Recognizing this improvement , Cypher states : “ Our utilization rates are up . By demonstrating the value that we have in providing the information , people actually have become more willing to log into our system to access information or to utilize the results and the reports and things , both within our application as well as within their EMR .”
In today ' s healthcare provider marketplace , many data aggregators are emerging quickly on the scene and trying to convince small practitioners to join their organizations . Tridiuum stands as a central conduit , using its platform to guide traffic , grounded on measurement-based care analysis , to decide which patient / provider connection would serve best in any given situation .
With Infor Cloverleaf Integration Suite , Triduum has finally implemented the centralized , enhanced user experience the organization sought for years .
Additionally , Infor ’ s software solution has greatly enhanced how Tridiuum shares patient data , empowering its ability to deliver actionable information in the timeliest fashion . p
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