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CASE STUDY support , accelerates access to the most appropriate care , facilitates behavioral to medical integration and delivers a measurable impact on outcomes .
The Tridiuum ONE cloud-based platform is intended to unlock value and profitability by delivering improvements in access , management , and outcomes for patients , providers and health systems .
It is proven to improve access by rapidly creating accurate matches between the patient and most appropriate provider , ensuring a measurement-based care approach that optimizes network management .
Business challenges
The scalable technology also integrates seamlessly with most electronic health records and health IT software . The data-driven platform includes its proprietary Behavioral Health Index ( BHI ) to quantify the severity of a patient ’ s behavioral health issues .
• Refining an expansive platform that provides faster and more accurate access to behavioral healthcare .
• Increasing the percentage of reports and patient data being used beyond the initial rate of 10 %.
• Delivering quality access to behavioral healthcare in the face of a rapidly growing industry , with an expanding user base and subsequent data load .
• Securing integration with numerous EMR and EHR systems across providers , with disparate services struggling with compatibility issues and inefficient data transfer .
• Eliminating the provider and patient data disconnect responsible for impeding better patient behavioral healthcare outcomes .
Business results
• Established a centralized and enhanced user experience across the Tridiuum platform .
• Delivers essential information to the right people in a more timely and accurate fashion .
• Provides strong and streamlined connectivity between user EMR networks and the organizational data .
• Operates faster , delivers data more accurately , and shortens the duration between patients seeking care and receiving meaningful provider intervention .
Tridiuum ONE is used by more than 1.5 million-plus patients , with 12,000 daily assessments run through the platform and a total of 6 million assessments having been administered to date .
“ Current access to behavioral healthcare is not really managed based on appropriate acuity ,” said Deb Cypher , Chief Product Officer at Tridiuum .
“ What makes us unique is using a fundamental concept that needs to be alive and well in behavioral health – and that ' s driving faster and more accurate access to behavioral healthcare . Because among behavioral health ’ s challenges , that ' s problem number one .
“ The ability to use measurement-based care to set acuity levels at the point where a member is seeking care is critical ,” she continues .
“ Having Tridiuum as a referee makes it go faster and makes it more accurate , which makes the duration more meaningful , and in many instances makes the duration shorter , which impacts cost and quality in a positive way .
“ Our technology and its associated Artificial Intelligence and algorithms allow us over time to prove out which matches led to the best care in terms of patient satisfaction and treatment response ,” Cypher said . “ So even if the therapy took longer than expected , is it the right care , the right time and the right setting ?”
The company has been dedicated to developing digital solutions focused on advancing the treatment of behavioral health conditions . Tridiuum identifies patients in need of behavioral health treatment and
The platform has been increasingly in demand as a digital partner and network ecosystem for healthcare providers around the country . The ultimate goal has always been to optimize the platform ’ s performance and continue to expand data connectivity .
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