Intelligent CIO North America Issue 25 | Page 50

• A continuous functional safety certification for systems related to safety applications
• Creation of new services , business models and revenue streams
Red Hat will contribute to the phased rollout of Ultifi , GM ’ s end-to-end vehicle software platform which will launch in 2023 . Ultifi will enable a frequent and more seamless delivery of software-defined features , apps and services to customers over-the-air . To do this , the platform separates the application software from the hardware to offer application program interfaces for software development . the developer community at large . Using Linux allows for skilled talent from many industries to quickly get up to speed and bolster innovation through non-traditional thinking . With numerous sensors and rich amounts of anonymized data , vehicle software presents a uniquely exciting opportunity for developers to work beyond the limits of typical consumer smart devices .
In fact , authorized third-party developers who meet strict security , safety and privacy standards will be given access to innovate on Ultifi to benefit GM customers directly .
Creating a more flexible architecture unlocks the potential for more cloud-based services , faster software development and new value for customers without affecting basic hardware controls .
As a Linux-based system , Ultifi is designed to be universally usable for GM developers , suppliers and
The automotive industry is at an inflection point as consumers begin to assess what the future of their driving experience could look like . As open-source and automotive leaders , respectively , Red Hat and GM are poised to help define and connect the automotive ecosystem that will drive solutions for next-generation vehicles .
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