Intelligent CIO North America Issue 25 - Page 49


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of in-vehicle safety – and non-safety – related applications , including infotainment , advanced driver assistance systems , body control and connectivity .
The transportation industry can benefit from faster innovation and better sustainability through standardization with open-source Linux and cloudnative technologies .
Modern vehicles are more like mobile high-performance computers than the cars of the past . The time to innovate is now .
Common standards can help increase software reuse and achieve a more scalable design process , giving GM the ability to dedicate more resources toward new personalized in-cabin experiences , vehicle modes and other features customers will enjoy . With the integration of the Red Hat In-Vehicle Operating System into the Ultifi platform , GM and Red Hat look to achieve :
• Reduced costs from consolidation and reuse of software across a common platform
• An improved development cycle for faster timeto-market with new customer features and software improvements
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