Intelligent CIO North America Issue 25 | Page 48

General Motors and Red H of Software-Defined Vehic

Red Hat , the world ’ s leading provider of opensource solutions , and Michigan-based General Motors has announced a collaboration to help advance software-defined vehicles at the Edge .
Detroit , Michigan

Red Hat and General Motors expect to expand an ecosystem of innovation around the Red Hat In-Vehicle Operating System , which provides a functional-safety certified Linux operating system foundation intended for the on-going evolution of GM ’ s Ultifi software platform .

The collaboration between Red Hat and GM is a significant moment in the convergence of the transportation and technology industries , with Red Hat ' s cloud-native , enterprise-grade open-source operating system accelerating the development of GM ’ s software-defined vehicle programs following Ultifi ’ s initial launch . This will enable both companies to offer customers more valuable features responsibly in a fraction of the typical development time .
In-vehicle software systems are complex and require high levels of cybersecurity protection and stringent certifications due to critical safety priorities .
In current systems , these robust requirements can often lengthen the development process and make vehicle software updates difficult , with each update requiring recertification .
Together , GM and Red Hat intend to make these complex vehicle updates simpler and more frequent by implementing continuous functional-safety certification into the Ultifi platform with Red Hat In- Vehicle Operating System pioneering the continuous certification approach , announced last year . The integrated software is expected to support a variety
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