Intelligent CIO North America Issue 25 - Page 46

CIO OPINION of how business leaders find the right balance between ensuring their networks are secure , while also ensuring that individuals ’ privacy is respected .
This requires both a monetary and temporal investment in robust security measures and a varied and rigorous program of threat prevention .
To combat these issues there are a multitude of solutions and here are a few to consider .
Zero Trust Network Access ( ZTNA ) enables organizations to provide each employee fast , simple and secure access to any corporate resource , wherever they are .
Users benefit from a seamless access experience to the data and apps they need while IT teams have visibility and control of what is being accessed . ZTNA guarantees strong security without lowering productivity or negatively impacting the user experience – a perfect combination for any organization .
As Jamf works across a number of different verticals , we have created specialized security systems that function best for each sector . For example , we have recently launched our Safe Internet solution for education .
This is especially poignant given that students spend nearly twice as much time online as they have previously , and increasingly need Internet access for research and connectivity with alternate learning models . Enforcing acceptable usage policies with best-in-class network threat prevention and content filtering features allows students to learn safely anywhere . These are just some of the solutions that can work to tackle the issues at hand .
Another key component to this equation is threat prevention . Detecting and blocking security threats before they can have an impact on individual devices , or the entirety of the network , is something all businesses should work towards .
However , as the threats evolve and become increasingly sophisticated , the way that we protect companies under attack will have to adapt to keep up . We work constantly to develop our offerings to reflect this , using research and feedback to help us along the way . p
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