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Accelerating the delivery of products to end-users is beneficial both from a business standpoint and to the developer experience , enabling engineers to quickly iterate on incremental successes or move on to other challenges requiring innovation .
Safeguarding the developer experience also calls for CIOs to keep a close eye on engineers ' stresses . For example , shifting from waterfall to more incremental delivery models such as Agile raises the risk of burnout , adding constant requests for features and shorter ‘ sprint ’ delivery windows .
Like anyone , engineers have a finite cognitive load , and few enjoy constant context switching .
Much like the ‘ fog of war ’ in a military context , stressful toil can also set in during the ‘ fog of development ’ if developers lack situational awareness and face overly complex requirements and processes to get applications into production . The toil of a poor developer experience such as this erodes confidence and leads developers to seek an exit .
In contrast , CIOs that build a culture safeguarding an excellent developer experience equip developers to deliver innovations with confidence , grow their skills , and , well , enjoy their evolving roles .
For developers , the only constant is change , and the ability to pick up new and evolving skills is crucial for
Ravi Lachhman is the Field CTO at Shipa . io , a cloud-native application-as-code platform . Prior to Shipa , Lachhman was an evangelism leader / chief architect at Harness . He has held various sales and engineering roles at AppDynamics , Mesosphere , Red Hat and IBM helping commercial and federal clients build the next generation of distributed systems .
career trajectories . The more positive the developer experience and the lower the barriers of entry for change , the happier developers should be .
Developers ’ positive experiences lead to easier hiring or desired talent via word of mouth . When interviewing , developers can often gauge the enthusiasm , momentum , and sense of fulfillment with which an organization ’ s engineering culture operates .
When an organization cannot successfully recruit innovators , Digital Transformation projects die . To avoid that fate , CIOs must distill motivation and build a culture supporting developers by championing experimentation , iteration , supportive work environments and personal growth . p
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