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Report finds real-time data streams lead to happier customers

Confluent report finds organizations with real-time data streams see higher revenues and happier customers .

The movement toward setting data in motion with real-time streaming is experiencing a groundswell . According to new survey data , 97 % of organizations around the world are tapping into real-time data streaming , making it one of the most important technologies for thriving in today ' s digital-first landscape .

The inaugural State of Data in Motion report surveyed 1,950 IT and engineering leaders across six countries . The findings emphasized how data in motion can underpin businesses that excel at serving , retaining and attracting customers , now and into the future .
Key findings from the State of Data in
Motion report
The report reflects the growing data streaming market today . It shows how real-time data influences everything from how employees get their work done to how companies engage customers and deliver goods . However , harnessing this powerful force is difficult for many organizations . Data becomes harder to wrangle as it quickly grows in volume and the variety of places it ’ s pulled from and stored .
“ Data has emerged as one of the most important assets needed for business success ,” said Erica Schultz , President of Field Operations , Confluent . “ Modernizing data infrastructure with real-time data streams – what we call ‘ data in motion ’ – enables continuous movement and processing of data for
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