Intelligent CIO North America Issue 24 - Page 53


Remote Work is here to stay –

Here ’ s how to overcome traditional networking limitations

Don Boxley , CEO and Co-Founder , DH2i , tells us SDP overcomes VPN connectivity and security obstacles , while ensuring lower cost , increased performance and fast ROI .

Even before the pandemic , the move towards remote work was trending up . A 2017 Gallup poll showed 43 % of employed Americans were already working from home at least some of the time .

In 2018 , the Census Bureau reported that 5.2 % of employed Americans worked from home in 2017 ; an increase up from 5 % in 2016 and 3.3 % in 2000 . However , once the pandemic hit much of the world ’ s workforce found themselves sent home virtually overnight .
For many , it was a bumpy transition . But it didn ’ t take long for employees and employers alike to get used to the idea and eventually , more preferred this new work mode , than didn ’ t . Prevailing research bears this out .
The University of Chicago ’ s Becker Friedman Institute for Economics surveyed 10,000 employees who stated they were just as productive working from home compared to working in the office , if not more so .
Their research also revealed both a benefit to employee work / life balance , as well the carbon emissions and the environment , in that commuting time was reduced by 62.4 million hours per day .
Likewise , in its 5th Annual State of Remote Work report , Owl Labs found that 55 % of respondents stated they work more hours from home than from a physical office . And , 32 % stated that they would resign from their job if they were not allowed to continue working remotely .
Similarly , Upwork ’ s Future Workforce Report 2021 key findings included that 40.7 million American professionals , nearly 28 % of respondents , will be fully
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