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our inventory . This will provide us with a more accurate overview of what assets we have and what we are paying for in terms of software licensing .”
Some of the key drivers that led Seattle IT ’ s Service Management organization to extend its Ivanti Neurons for ITSM solution and add on Ivanti Neurons for ITAM included :
• Transparency for all stakeholders regardless of their interest , from auditors to the departments who pay for IT services and ultimately to the taxpayers of the city
• A demand for improved process automation and greater integration between ITSM and ITAM
• The need to solve key pain points around IT contract management , software license
management , warranty tracking and migrating more asset types into the database
• The need to deprecate a legacy solution used to manage and track inventory of all types , from consumables to capital assets
Bringing order and process
One of the first efforts was to start building out the Enterprise Application CI as a repository to gather as much data as possible from all the consolidated IT departments . Rock and team were able to consolidate two or three other application repositories , numerous spreadsheets and some
Seattle and Mount Rainer
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