Intelligent CIO North America Issue 22 - Page 83

FINAL WORD overnight and will require long-term strategic thinking to overcome . And unfortunately , time is a luxury . Malicious actors are not good sports , waiting for the cybersecurity community to transform itself before launching an attack .
The cybersecurity industry needs to act now and follow the lead of the fast food industry and small businesses that have addressed skill shortages by leveraging technology to help manage work , increase productivity and reduce burnout .
Here ’ s how : understand the threats they face and enable them to make better , more accurate and faster decisions .
Not all threats are the same , so it ’ s important that context follows automation so that security teams do not waste hours chasing down the most basic of threats that can easily be remediated via technology .
Third , look for technology solutions that leverage the expertise you already have . While context is key for understanding a single threat , it ’ s also valuable for cybersecurity teams who need to make decisions about which threats to prioritize .
First , look for technology solutions that prioritize automation . Technology that automates lower-order tasks is relatively easy to deploy , frees up workers ’ valuable time and also removes the potential for any human error combing through different risks .
Second , recognize the power of context . In cybersecurity , context can help workers better
All of this has culminated in a cybersecurity workforce that is stretched out , overburdened and burnt out .
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