Intelligent CIO North America Issue 22 | Page 75

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More and more business leaders are beginning to get to grips with Kubernetes , but understanding how it works is another story . Michael Cade , Senior Technologist Product Strategy at Veeam Software , explores some of the important questions surrounding Kubernetes from a data protection perspective and why it is useful .

One of the ever more popular topics in Information Technology is container systems , such as Kubernetes . Increasingly , decisionmakers at companies of all sizes cannot avoid asking themselves whether containers should be integrated into their own IT infrastructure .

At the same time , VMware ' s Kubernetes Report 2021 says that Kubernetes is already being used more widely , but at the same time there is a lack of expertise and the necessary security . Reason enough to take a closer look at important questions around Kubernetes – especially from a data protection perspective .
Integral part of hybrid and multicloud infrastructures ?
In the networks of many corporations and longestablished companies , containers do not yet exist ,
A large proportion ( 98 %) also said that they are seeing great advantages in the implementation of Kubernetes .
or have only existed for a short time . They were not part of the traditional network structures based on a data center .
However , neither are they an integral part of modern multi-cloud environments or hybrid solutions – they just fit in very well . It is similar to virtualization : this also started as a trend that not every company had to take up and therefore not all did – only early adopters integrate technology from the beginning . But 20 years
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