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INTELLIGENT BRANDS // Green Technology

BCG and SAP join forces to transform companies into sustainable enterprises

Boston Consulting Group ( BCG ), a leading strategy consultancy , has announced a partnership with SAP , a market leader in enterprise application software . The joint transformation offering will allow companies to identify the business value in sustainability , setting the right climate ambitions and powering an actionable sustainability road map .

The SAP and BCG partnership will help companies tackle the generational challenge of climate change and respond to increasing investor pressure and ever stricter regulations . Research from analyst firm IDC shows that sustainability has become a top business priority .
“ According to one of IDC ’ s recent enduser surveys , three-quarters of executives involved in their company ’ s sustainability initiatives believe that environmental , social and governance ( ESG ) factors are ‘ very important ’ for the enterprise value of their organization ,” said Bjoern Stengel , the Global Sustainability Research Lead at IDC . “ BCG and SAP have both been at the forefront of operationalizing sustainable transformation with their clients , and this partnership will further help IT buyers use sustainability-focused technology strategically to achieve their goals .”
SAP and BCG offer market-leading solutions in three areas that are of particular relevance in a sustainability transformation – strategy , business model change and technology innovation – to complement their respective efforts in the sustainability space .
To help companies accelerate on their net-zero-emissions journey with an up to 40 % emissions reduction potential , BCG and SAP will enable companies to integrate leading-edge carbon-tracking measurement and intelligence into their core business operations and strategic decision-making . Combining two market-leading solutions in BCG ’ s CO 2 AI and the SAP Product Footprint Management solution , the partnership targets Scopes 1 , 2 , and 3 via BCG ’ s CO 2 AI as well as an integration into core SAP software through SAP Product Footprint Management .
To help achieve zero waste in supply chains , SAP and BCG will assess the circularity opportunity in a company ’ s portfolio across its entire supply chain and product portfolio . Based on BCG ’ s CIRCelligence and the SAP Responsible Design and Production solution , this offering will enable customers to accelerate the zero-waste journey .
The sustainability transformation efforts of customers will be guided by a Holistic Steering and Reporting solution backed by the SAP Sustainability Control Tower solution and BCG ’ s Compliance Target Operating Model to help ensure that the transformation is driven with a focus on business value and that companies comply with all regulatory requirements .
“ Sustainable businesses will create positive impacts for future generations , but no organization can achieve its sustainability goals alone ,” said Christian Klein , CEO and Member of the Executive Board of SAP SE .
“ Being sustainable requires co-ordination across the value chain , and this is where SAP ’ s partnership with BCG plays a key role . Bringing together BCG ’ s expertise , tools and services with SAP ’ s technology gives companies the transparency , actionable data and strategic guidance they need to successfully tackle end-to-end sustainability and create value for all its stakeholders .”
This new partnership is designed to effect enterprise-wide change , spanning complex supply chains and creating business value from sustainability . p
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