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R & M launches FTTH products and services in North America

R & M ’ s FTTH products provide end-to-end connectivity from central office to premises .


& M , the globally active developer and provider of cabling systems for highquality network infrastructures , has launched fiber-to-the-home ( FTTH ) products and services in North America , providing end-to-end connectivity from the central office to the premises .
Founded in 1964 , active in North America since 2016 , and with many successful FTTH implementations across Europe , South America and Asia , R & M now offers its FTTH products and consulting services in North America .
“ R & M is proud to offer its high-end fiber optic portfolio and international expertise in FTTH projects to North America , to help telecommunications customers meet the demand for virtually unlimited bandwidth in the digital era ,” said Paulo Campos , Executive VP Americas and President of R & M USA .
ODF modules can connect 5,376 optical fibers in an optical distribution frame ( ODF ), which is a new standard for the FTTH market .
• ODF-SCM : the Optical Distribution Frame ( ODF ) combined with the Single Circuit Management System ( SCM ) distribution solution allows network operators to set up their next-generation central office .
• The R & M Raceway System makes it possible to route and integrate an evergrowing number of fiber optic cables . Raceway systems pick up the fiber optics at the building entry point and direct them reliably into the distributor halls and operative zones .
• The SNYO dome closure is available in three models – 288F , 576F and 1,152F accommodating single or rollable fiber cables . The SYNO dome closure features a modular system for cable entries that eliminates the laborious task of threading fiber optic cables through the closure base .
• The ZOONA closure expands R & M ’ s extensive portfolio for FTTH outside plant solutions . With this new generation of compact fiber optic exterior distributors , network providers make faster progress in broadband expansion , require less space and can significantly save costs .
• The Polaris-box family provides flexible fiber optic terminations for indoor or outdoor applications .
• Precon Networks , based on MPO / SC or SN harsh connectors , provide carriers or Internet Service Providers with a fully preconnectorized network from the output of the OLT port to the customer ’ s home , without a single splice . p
“ In addition to products that provide endto-end connectivity between the central office and the premises , R & M offers professional services with international success helping customers design and implement FTTH solutions .”
Some of the key products in R & M ’ s FTTH portfolio include PRIME ODF , ODF-SCM , the R & M Raceway System , the SYNO dome closure , the ZOONA closure , the Polaris-box family and Precon Networks .
• PRIME ODF is a highly dense cabling platform for optical distribution frames ( ODFs ). At maximum capacity , PRIME
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