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Center as part of its soccer complex . There , networksupported amenities include a 40-person theater for players and coaches to revisit matches and practices captured by the Crew ’ s AI-enabled Spiideo camera and video analytics system .
Outdoors , on practice surfaces and the stadium ’ s pitch , cutting-edge hydronic undersoil heating and grow lights by SubAir Systems keeps turf strong throughout the season . It utilizes sensors and the network to deliver automated zonal control and live response to field conditions , including raising the field temperature by 23 ° F to 28 ° F to offset chilly weather .
Streamlined , simplified management exceeds expectations
According to Patton , NetEdit will also be an administrative benefit . “ NetEdit ’ s switch configuration repository and automation tools will enable us to get new switches up and running fast ,” he said .
Overall , the Crew ’ s network and intuitive management solutions are surpassing their promise .
“ Although I ’ m very new to Aruba , everything is simple , straightforward and easy to learn ,” Patton said . “ Whether we ’ re discussing network performance or administration , our Aruba solution has exceeded my expectations .”
Coming up : ‘ Just Walk Through ’ and other innovations
From an IT perspective , having a unified wired and wireless network across all facilities creates significant efficiencies .
Moving ahead , the Crew plans to continue augmenting its network to provide all constituencies with the latest experiences .
“ We ’ re a small IT team managing a hyperconverged environment running complex systems , so Aruba ’ s ease of management is key ,” Patton said .
The Crew ’ s IT staff is particularly excited about Aruba ’ s automation capabilities , including Dynamic Segmentation for simplifying and securing the network by unifying policy enforcement across the wired , wireless and VPN infrastructure .
This includes assessing Aruba ’ s cloud-based , AIOpsenabled solutions such as Aruba Central for proactive network management , User Experience Insight ( UXI ) for real-time detection and remediation of Wi-Fi incidents , and Air Pass for seamless device handoffs between cellular networks and Wi-Fi .
The club will also consider Aruba ’ s Location Services for supporting real-time crowd intelligence .
“ The ability to plug in a device and have the network decide where that device should go , based on how it ’ s being used , will be a real plus going forward ,” Patton said .
Regardless which additions the Crew makes , the club intends to leverage its future-ready network for ongoing entertainment innovations , such as exploring checkout-free refreshment purchasing . p
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