Intelligent CIO North America Issue 22 - Page 49


the most . Once identified , they had to enable ‘ blackhole advertisements ’ of the IP address being attacked , notifying upstream carriers to stop all traffic to that destination .
“ That would stop the upstream carrier saturation , so the rest of our network would not lose Internet service ,” said Ben Leslie , CEO at Columbia Wireless .
We wanted to make sure our entire network didn ’ t go down because of one IP on our network having a DDoS attack .
“ Of course , that meant the owner of the attacked IP address was still completely offline for the duration of the attacks .”
To address the problem of DDoS attacks and the ineffective process it had for dealing with them , Columbia Wireless deployed Corero ’ s SmartWall DDoS Protection solution .
Among the reasons the ISP selected the platform , over other DDoS offerings , was that Corero is one of the leading and most experienced DDoS solution providers in the market , said Leslie .
The SmartWall family of DDoS protection solutions is designed to mitigate the full range of volumetric attacks while , at the same time , maintaining the
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