Intelligent CIO North America Issue 22 - Page 40

Steve Douglas , Head of
Market Strategy , Spirent Communications , looks at how the emergence of 5G will reshape the future of communications .

The emergence of 5G is the telecommunications industry ’ s most transformative network evolution ever . This new standard in mobile wireless networking brings along a number of new technologies and innovations , including cloud-native cores , network slicing , Edge Computing and others .

Network offerings based on 5G will be like nothing else the industry has ever delivered before , providing customers with new capabilities and features to enhance the way they communicate and collaborate .
Unlike previous generations of wireless communications technology , 5G offers a set of strategic goals that will not only shape the future of mobile – but determine its role in the future of communications .
This next generation of communications comes with some considerable questions and uncertainties , however . For example , which of the 5G services will be available on a broad basis initially ? Which enterprise and industrial use cases will 5G support effectively ? When can enterprises expect to see game-changing applications designed for 5G ?
The answers to these and other questions related to 5G have yet to be fully answered . This is still largely a work in progress . But that doesn ’ t mean organizations have to remain in the dark . Spirent ’ s role in assisting service providers worldwide in testing and validating their networks gives it unique and considerable

How 5G is reshaping the future of communications

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