Intelligent CIO North America Issue 22 - Page 29

“ Data volumes and platform diversity will continue to rise , and the cyberthreat landscape will expand . organizations reporting at least one ransomware event in the past 12 months .
“ So , CXOs must invest in a strategy that plugs the gaps they already have and keeps pace with rising data protection demands .”
The data protection gap is widening
Respondents stated that their data protection capabilities cannot keep pace with the demands of the business , with 89 % reporting a gap between how much data they can afford to lose after an outage versus how frequently data is backed up .
This has risen by 13 % in the past 12 months , indicating that while data continues to grow in volume and importance , so do the challenges in protecting it to a satisfactory level .
Not only is the frequency of these events alarming , so is their potency . Per attack , organizations were unable to recover 36 % of their lost data , proving that data protection strategies are currently failing to help businesses prevent , remediate and recover from ransomware attacks .
“ As cyberattacks become increasingly sophisticated and even more difficult to prevent , backup and recovery solutions are essential foundations of any organization ’ s Modern Data Protection strategy ,” said Danny Allan , CTO at Veeam .
“ For peace of mind , organizations need 100 % certainty that backups are being completed within the allocated window and restorations deliver within required SLAs .
The key driver behind this is that the data protection challenges facing businesses are immense and increasingly diverse .
For the second year in a row , cyberattacks have been the single biggest cause of downtime , with 76 % of
“ The best way to ensure data is protected and recoverable in the event of a ransomware attack is to partner with a third-party specialist and invest in an automated and orchestrated solution that protects the myriad data center and cloud-based production platforms that organizations of all sizes rely on today .” p
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