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A Code42 Data Exposure Report reveals that data visibility and exposure challenges put the spotlight on the risk of cloud technologies and Insider Risk education improvement .

Code42 , an Insider Risk Management leader , has released its Annual Data Exposure Report for 2022 on Insider Risk .

The study , conducted by Vanson Bourne , found that cybersecurity teams are facing unprecedented challenges when it comes to protecting sensitive corporate data from exposure , leak and theft .
Identified within the research are three compounding trends increasing the risk to organizations :
1 . The continued adoption of cloud technologies and a lack of visibility into them .
2 . The impact of the Great Resignation and departing employees ’ theft of Intellectual Property ( IP ) and sensitive data .
3 . On-going misunderstanding and poor communication between stakeholders at
With employee turnover and the shift to remote and collaborative work , security teams are struggling to protect IP , source code and customer information .
the board , security leadership and security practitioner levels .
When employees quit their jobs , there is a one in three ( 37 %) chance an organization will lose IP . With nearly all companies ( 96 %) noting they experience challenges in protecting corporate data from Insider Risks , it ’ s clear Insider Risk must be prioritized .
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