Intelligent CIO North America Issue 22 - Page 21

Why is the Network Architecture Important ?
No network engineer wants to be responsible for network issues that can be attributed to improper device configurations , hardware failures , routing issues or security flaws . Especially when businesses are shelling out a fortune to get it right . maintenance costs . Furthermore , most networks can address a particular set of applications like real-time or cloud but it ’ s important to optimize all applications , and how you choose to architect your network has a pivotal role to play in it . p
How you choose to architect your network is crucial for more reasons than we can count .
Not only is it vital in determining how well your network functions , but it also makes it easier to detect and troubleshoot errors as well as allocate resources more efficiently to ensure optimum network health and performance . From a ROI perspective , selecting the right network architecture can increase energy and data efficiency , which in turn , reduces operational and
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