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Venafi expands Machine Identity Management Development Fund to include world ’ s leading universities

capabilities advancing state-of-the-art machine identity management . Launched in 2018 with US $ 12.5 million , the Machine Identity Management Development Fund already provides organizations ’ developers with direct sponsorship from Venafi to accelerate machine identity management research and innovation that futureproof customer and industry success .
The new Development Fund program provides direct sponsorship to university research teams and students investing in cutting edge machine identity innovation .

Venafi , an inventor and leading provider of machine identity management , has expanded its Machine Identity Management Development Fund to include some of the world ’ s leading universities , including Carnegie Mellon University ( CMU ) and Oxford University .

The new Development Fund initiative provides sponsorships for academic research and development into the critical controls and
Research and development programs can focus on attack tactics and techniques and possible mitigations , as well as applied uses of machine identities , with a particular focus on identities for new types of machines , including those designed for cloud-native environments .
To kick off this new Development Fund initiative , Venafi has partnered with Oxford University and CMU . Venafi is sponsoring a full PhD program at Oxford University to investigate machine identity management innovations and create new open-source solutions . At CMU , Venafi sponsored Master ’ s degree candidates in the Information Networking Institute ’ s Practicum as part of the College of Engineering .

Verizon , in partnership with Nova Credit , provides newcomers to the country access to 5G

Verizon has announced a partnership with Nova Credit that will provide newcomers to the US easy access to its network and devices .

This has previously been a challenge for those new to the country without US credit history .
Those relocating from certain countries to the US for work , to study or personal reasons , can opt-in to share their international credit history with Verizon as part of the application process , giving them access to the company ’ s 5G plans .
“ Verizon , in partnership with Nova Credit , is proud to be the first carrier in the US to provide newcomers with easy access to the best devices on the best network ,’’ said Nina Bibby , SVP Consumer Segment Marketing at Verizon .
“ We understand that obtaining reliable cell phone service is a priority to those arriving in the US , many of whom have to start from scratch building a US credit history , which makes basic tasks like purchasing a phone with financing nearly impossible .”
Misha Esipov , Nova Credit Co-founder and CEO , Nova Credit , said : “ Obtaining a cell phone plan is an essential part of the relocation journey faced by millions of newcomers each year , yet they are forced to rely on very limited options .
“ Our partnership with Verizon brings to life the Credit Passport to enable newcomers to use their international credit history to unlock fair access to cell phones and financing .” p
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