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Intraway expands Symphonica availability within the North American market targeting network automation at top tier communications service providers ( CSPs ).

Intraway ’ s Symphonica is a no-code , cloudnative , telco-grade orchestration and service activation platform for the automation of the entire lifecycle of services orchestrated across multiple networks and multiple technology domains .
Symphonica is a multi-tenant , Softwareas-a-Service ( SaaS ) offering that runs on AWS Cloud . It is designed to allow CSPs to automate service lifecycle management without investing in time-consuming and budget-heavy projects .

Intraway , a leading global provider of Operations Support Systems ( OSS ) automated provisioning solutions , has announced the expansion and availability of its no-code , cloud-native OSS solution , Symphonica , within the North American market . Intraway has experienced great success in Latin America over the past 18 years working with industry powerhouses such as Tigo , izzi , Telecom Argentina and Telefonica , and is building off its initial success in North America , working with three of the top MSOs . As part of its goto-market strategy , Intraway will continue

The US market is primed for the expansion of Intraway ’ s Symphonica due to the increased deployment of 5G , the move to telco cloud and other cloud-native platforms such as SD-WAN and SASE , and the increased adoption of Multi Domain Service Orchestration ( MDSO ).

Nokia launches ground-breaking cybersecurityfocused testing lab in the US

Nokia has announced the launch of its

Advanced Security Testing and Research ( ASTaR ) lab , located in Dallas , Texas . It is one of the first end-to-end 5G testing labs in the US focused solely on cybersecurity .
ASTaR ’ s holistic approach to researching and testing secure solutions and potential network threat mitigations will go beyond looking at individual network elements and also focus on the larger context of network use and abuse scenarios .
In the 5G era , the nature and scale of information networks are evolving , as are the nature and scale of security threats .
More avenues of attack are open to hackers , state actors and corporate espionage due to many types of interworking endpoints , extensive use of open-source software and large-scale use of 5G in a variety of industries .
Network security resilience must be maintained as the attack scenarios are constantly changing .
As the central lab dedicated solely to security forensics and research , ASTaR will use and develop cutting-edge tools and techniques to assess the security resilience of 5G networks , as well as its associated software , hardware and applications .
ASTaR will then use these assessments to address emerging security threats and lab researchers will engage with the cybersecurity community to identify emerging threat vectors and potential vulnerabilities .
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