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Delinea reveals cloud automation is key to futureproofing cybersecurity to face mounting threats from an expanding threatscape they are challenged to address .

The report , titled Cloud Automation is the Key to Future-Proofing
Cybersecurity , features responses from over 300 IT decisionmakers . It outlines key insights for developing a security strategy that supports growth and shares tips on navigating the changing cybersecurity landscape .

Delinea , a leading provider of privileged access management

( PAM ) solutions , has announced a new survey-based report that highlights that cloud automation is seen as the key to future-proofing cybersecurity – especially when coupled with autonomous privileges and access .
A total of 86 % of respondents are exploring ways to automate access controls , especially for privileged access . But even with 68 % of respondents seeing increases in budgets and staff , they continue
Joseph Carson , Advisory CISO and Chief Security Scientist at Delinea , said : “ This survey report presents a conundrum , as respondents feel confident in their current cybersecurity postures , despite a significant amount of breaches being caused by compromised credentials .
“ Yet they also realize that the way to secure the future of their organizations is through cloud automation , which for most presents a dynamic shift in approach , investments and resources .
“ Today ’ s cyberthreats are faster , more intelligent and more dangerous . To prevent security blunders and survive in today ’ s unpredictable landscape , organizations must lean heavily on automation and embrace least privilege and zero trust best practices at every turn .”

Symphony Technology Group announces the launch of Skyhigh Security

Symphony Technology Group ( STG ), a leading Menlo Park-based private equity firm focused on the software , data and analytics sectors , has announced the launch of Skyhigh Security . The new portfolio company was created to satisfy the growing cloud security requirements for large and small organizations .

Gee Rittenhouse , CEO Skyhigh Security
Skyhigh Security ’ s approach extends security beyond data access to securing how the data is used . Its data-aware Security Service Edge ( SSE ) is built to meet the needs of the modern workforce with security that follows the data and users wherever they are .
Earlier this year , STG announced it would be splitting McAfee Enterprise into two organizations – Trellix and Skyhigh Security – to better focus on the very distinct markets of Extended Detection and Response ( XDR ) and the SSE . At that time STG also announced that Gee Rittenhouse , who previously led Cisco ’ s cybersecurity business , would serve as CEO of the SSE business , bringing deep cloud security expertise .
“ With the majority of data in the cloud and users accessing it from everywhere , a new approach to security is needed ,” said Rittenhouse . “ Skyhigh Security has created a comprehensive security platform to secure both data access and data use via unified policies and data awareness .
“ Organizations can now have complete visibility and control and seamlessly monitor and mitigate security risks – achieving lower associated costs , driving greater efficiencies and keeping pace with the speed of innovation .”
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