Intelligent CIO North America Issue 21 - Page 75

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Organizations far and wide share the same priority when it comes to their business goals : achieving successful Digital Transformation . Simon Waller , Regional Director , EMEA & US at Epsilon , discusses how the continued increase in remote working has accelerated the adoption of cloud services and why businesses in these sectors must gain awareness of the trends that will shape how they operate .

Digital Transformation has become imperative for all businesses , with the enterprise IT market significantly changing in the last two years . There was an urgency to meet Digital Transformation goals and organizations had to adapt quickly to disruptions . In 2021 , business strategies developed and put a focal point on the continued development of business operations and technologies .

A recent Statista report estimates that between 2020 and 2024 , global investments in Digital Transformation will almost double .
Businesses needed to establish a foundation for continual transformation and adapting to new ways of working . Long-term remote workforces are one of
2022 will also see data security become a stronger focus , both because of the rise in security breaches as well as the increasing costs associated with them .
the many reasons that cloud adoption is accelerating faster than ever , along with an array of other networking technologies , 5G , automation , Artificial Intelligence and security . These are predicted to have a large impact on the networking and technology market in 2022 .
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