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DISH uses ServiceNow to help build , manage and operate its Smart 5G network

ServiceNow ’ s workflow solutions to enable full network visibility and help ensure successful deployment and maintenance of DISH ’ s cloud based 5G network .

DISH Network and ServiceNow has announced that DISH Wireless will use the ServiceNow Platform to standardize network and service operations on America ’ s first Smart Network .

DISH Wireless added ServiceNow to its growing list of 5G network partners to help ensure the successful construction , deployment and maintenance of its ambitious , standalone , 5G cloud based network . better network experiences over our SMART 5G Network .”
When an issue arises on DISH ’ s 5G network , notifications will be automatically sent to the ServiceNow Platform , where the issue is then assessed for priority and customer impact .
These workflows also proactively notify customers and help DISH teams quickly make adjustments through initiating work orders and dispatching field service technicians to the right location for installations , repairs or maintenance .
“ Resiliency , transparency and exceptional customer care are critical to realizing the full potential of 5G and making this first of its kind network a reality ,” said Rohit Batra , VP and Head of Telecommunications , Media and Technology Product at ServiceNow .
“ Consumers and enterprise customers alike increasingly expect seamless service and proactive , personalized experiences at every touch point .
“ That ’ s even more important when you ’ re managing the networks that people not only depend on for everything from online education and entertainment , but that will pave the way for the future of every industry – from autonomous vehicles to remote surgery to Smart Cities .” p
ServiceNow ’ s ability to connect systems , data and people across customer and service operations all on one platform offers DISH better customer and enterprise experiences , while also reducing costs .
ServiceNow ’ s solutions will provide DISH end to end visibility of its entire 5G network on one platform . This will help drive efficiencies across incident and service management as well as streamline communication between agents , field operators and customers to solve problems and deliver better customer service .
“ ServiceNow offers unrivalled workflows capable of supporting a network of this size and complexity , poised to break barriers in this industry ,” said Jeff McSchooler , EVP , Wireless Network Operations , DISH Wireless .
“ Not only will this partnership streamline our network operations , it also provides a long term opportunity to help us deepen our own services and offerings , delivering
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