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Syapse partners with Infor to revolutionize cancer care

Infor Cloverleaf to deliver integrated and modern applications in the cloud for Syapse .

Infor , the industry cloud company , has announced the success that Syapse has seen with cloud-based Infor CloudSuite Cloverleaf , built on Amazon Web Services ( AWS ), to more easily refine and extract essential information from disparate data sources , prioritize scalability and boost privacy and security .

Syapse , a real-world evidence company dedicated to extinguishing the fear and burden of serious disease by advancing real-world care , chose Infor to take data from a wide variety of community health systems and provide insights that can positively influence on-going patient care .
As a data-driven healthcare organization , Syapse relies on compiling real-world evidence that illustrates the entire course of cancer care for patients . Syapse selected Infor to help collect , analyze and leverage massive amounts of pertinent data that can have significant consequences for patients and healthcare providers .
“ Syapse ’ s mission is to support precision cancer care worldwide , and we are constantly looking for partners that can support our industry-leading data ingestion and analytics capabilities to drive real impact for patients with cancer ,” said Vinod Subramanian , Syapse Chief Data and Product Development Officer .
“ Infor ’ s credibility and proven performance make it the right partner for us to help create an interface engine that is trusted by hospitals , licensed customers and everyone in the market .”
By partnering with Infor , Syapse aimed to elevate its three primary operational priorities-compiling and processing data intelligence , using analytics to draw insights and applying them to patient care . With Infor Cloverleaf , Syapse has utilized powerful tools to aggregate numerous sources of data streams in a structured , efficient manner while providing easy and secure access to it as needed and adhering to strict regulatory compliance .
Since its implementation , Infor Cloverleaf has provided Syapse ’ s certified team of tumor registrars with access to patient records that are used to enhance and validate data , creating a curated patient database that ’ s far more robust in usability and applicability .
In addition , the organization can transform the massive information sprawl in raw data feeds into relevant research questions and answers , work across geographic boundaries and varying data management regulations , source data in a scalable and maintainable way – especially with multiple layers of security and privacy restrictions – and mitigate the risk to corporate and sourced data .
Since go-live , data processing capabilities have accelerated from 18,000 records / hour and a two-year backload to 3.2 million records / hour with a five-day processing time . This means questions from trusted data get answered even faster .
“ In healthcare , once we realize that not all data is created equal , we can improve the way it is collected , consumed and analyzed , and then we can improve the lives of our communities ,” said Matt Breslin , Infor Executive Vice President . “ Partnering with a leading organization like Syapse is exciting for us because , together , we can directly impact treatment and lead the industry in providing real-world evidence that empowers better care .” p
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