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CommScope propels data centers into the future with high-speed fiber platform

New technology paves the way for terabit speeds .

CommScope has introduced Propel , a high-speed fiber platform designed to help data center managers respond to the exponential increase in demand they are experiencing for computing power .

This new technology facilitates the migration to terabit speeds , by providing reliable connectivity and a robust network infrastructure that aligns with rapidly emerging data center applications , enabling faster , more efficient access to data .
“ CommScope ’ s Propel solution was engineered to ensure data center operators can maximize existing infrastructure investments while preparing for future applications in a smarter and more efficient manner .”
Next evolution of data center connectivity
Propel facilitates the modernization of the network . Propel introduces 16-fiber cabling to support the fast growing 400 Gbps and 800 Gbps speeds , as well as emerging 1.6 Tbps speeds . This enables leading edge network architectures to deliver greater capacity to end devices with increased efficiency , saving time and energy while also greatly reducing the cost per gigabit .
Data center demands have soared as workers , students , nurses , businesses , local communities and government agencies have moved to cloud computing , streaming services and AI applications . The industry continues to respond to an increase in economic life online by building new data centers and investing in ways to dramatically increase data center capacity .
“ Over the past few years , we have witnessed extraordinary technical advances and a rise in computing devices that connect to the real world . Data centers are key assets in the data-driven economy and it ’ s critical that the industry pay attention to energy usage and space requirements as we move toward terabit speeds ,” said John Schmidt , Senior Vice President , CommScope ’ s building and data center business .
Propel modules are available in four different interchangeable sizes with matching cable constructions to easily scale applications with system architectures . All components are ultra-low loss for optimal performance and have a specific QR code for performance tracking and online instructions .
Backed by CommScope ’ s industry leading SYSTIMAX Application Assurance Warranty , Propel encompasses the industry ’ s first Multifiber Push-On ( MPO ) 16-fiber platform and includes the following :
• Panels : 1U , 2U , 4U
• Adapter Packs : LC , SN , MPO
• Modules : Singlemode and Multi-mode : 8,12 , 16 and 24 fibers
• Cable Assemblies : MPO8 , 12 , 16 and 24 ; SN and LC Uniboot p
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