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automated while bringing immediate benefits to the data center . Unlimited scalability , cost-efficiency , security and Disaster Recovery are common reasons for supplementing on-premises infrastructure by extending the data center upward . Accessibility for collaborative multi-user environments and file-sharing increase usability , mobility of an organization ’ s data , and bring convenience and automation into the mix making cloud a highly flexible asset .
Don ’ t underestimate technology refreshes . Automate where possible . ‘ Tech refreshes ’ are often under-utilized or overdue in many resource-strained data centers yet are the key to maintaining a most efficient , costeffective , time saving environment for IT personnel .
Michael Jack , CRO and Co-Founder , Datadobi
Regularly updating key elements of an organization ’ s IT infrastructure can maximize system performance and productivity , boost system functionality and scalability , increase energy efficiency , and free up IT staff ’ s time to focus on the more mission critical operations while also providing a higher level of services to both internal and external stakeholders
Nevertheless , in most enterprises , the on-premises data center remains as mission-critical control tower for overall management of the many data management puzzle pieces whereas cloud will likely maintain a dependance on the on-premises data center for its success .
Much thought has been given to the future of IT and all arrows point to the hybrid data center and hybrid cloud as the most resilient framework for the future data center fabric .
As such , IT leaders are tasked with ascertaining the right balance for meeting traditional on-premises compute requirements while weaving in support from cloud and off-premises models , as needed for fullscale performance and greatest cost benefit .
Easy ways to increase data center efficiencies
Planning resource allocation to take advantage of new technology and the cloud during upgrades / phase outs is a never-ending process of inventory management and careful analysis of evolving demands . Data center equipment usage balance can change regularly , especially when juggling cloud storage / compute operations . However , even incremental optimizations can eliminate data center inefficiencies .
Integrate cloud into your data center . Migrating data to the cloud has become fast and highly
Quit ignoring your ROT data . Like most of us , with constantly busy schedules IT teams can tend to put off ‘ cleaning out the closet ’. Many data centers are still stuffed full of unorganized ROT ( redundant , obsolete , or trivial ) data .
Moreover , clinging to ROT data out of convenience or fear of losing information which may no longer have business or legal value is a highly inefficient use of an organization ’ s scarce data storage resources . It can create excess cost , hinder compliance regulation , and prevent employees from quickly accessing information .
Likewise , it can comprise a significant percentage of the total data stored . Systematically evaluating which data may seem low priority but it is necessary to free up valuable space that drains IT budget .
Maximizing scarce data storage resources amid increasing demands on IT budgets can often feel like an overwhelming challenge to enterprise CIOs and IT leaders . Personnel have to ascertain the right solution to link the many disparate parts of the modern data center puzzle together and it requires a cohesive , integrated action plan .
A well-balanced , iteratively flexible yet battle-hardened data management solution can truly harness the power of unstructured data and enable IT leaders to deliver tangible , forward thinking business and organizational benefits while operating within budget constraints in 2022 and beyond . p
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