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Maintaining the least restrictive , most cost-effective balance of budget and assets while anticipating potential roadblocks is a near surgical process . IT leaders are tasked with maneuvering through the perpetual
Michael Jack has more than 30 years of experience delivering complex IT solutions to companies big and small , with the last 15 years spent in the data storage industry . During his tenure at EMC , Jack helped to develop Centera into one of the highest quality products in the EMC portfolio . Jack co-founded Datadobi and has helped build it to a highly respected company focusing on unstructured data management .

SYSTEMATICALLY EVALUATING WHICH DATA MAY SEEM LOW PRIORITY BUT IT IS NECESSARY TO FREE UP VALUABLE SPACE THAT DRAINS IT BUDGET . gauntlet of competing budget allocations , complex project demands and changing procurement requests for core data center infrastructure components , while simultaneously vetting viable solutions to address popup data management setbacks without sending their data center costs spiraling out of control .

Cost control or out of control in 2022
The interminable growth of unstructured data can unnerve even the best data center managers . Nevertheless , these leaders must endeavor to achieve the best possible operating environments for their organizations .
The brilliance of the evolving data center is its ostensibly unlimited , customizable possibilities . It has the ability to quickly integrate new technology and automation to create a highly efficient operating environment to usher in optimized budgets , easier execution and significantly higher reliability .
As unique as fingerprints , there is no one-sizefits-all enterprise data center . An organization ’ s IT infrastructure may utilize on-premises options , colocation , edge or micro data centers , cloud service providers or a full-bodied hybrid model .
Cloud solutions offer many benefits such as speed , performance and scalability . Consequently , cloud transformation continues to be a primary tool for reducing costs in the data center .
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