Intelligent CIO North America Issue 21 - Page 53


Enterprise IT will have to leverage scary data storage resources to meet increasing project demands

Michael Jack , CRO and Co-Founder , Datadobi , tells us that maximizing scarce data storage resources can often feel like an overwhelming challenge for CIOs but effective data management can lead to progressive business and organizational benefits .

As Digital Transformation tightens its grip on enterprise IT organizations around the globe , 2022 promises to be yet another challenging year on the often-arduous road to becoming a modern data center . Data center resource optimization will be top of mind for IT leaders and CIOs alike as converging demands on IT resources continue to multiply in volume and fluctuate in priority .

Not for the faint of heart , anyone who ’ s worked in IT recognizes resource management and budget allocation is often a mind-bending exercise of meticulous granularity , based on data-driven insights . Maximizing IT infrastructure and every resource under the data center umbrella is arguably more important than ever .
The rapid rise in unstructured data and infrastructure complexity pushes IT ’ s agenda
Unsurprisingly , infrastructure complexity only continues to grow . According to a Gartner research report : “ By 2025 , 85 % of infrastructure strategies will integrate onpremises , colocation , cloud and edge delivery options , compared with 20 % in 2020 .”
Simultaneously , researchers are observing the rapid rise of unstructured data and its challenges . Research firm IDC acknowledges : “ The lion ’ s share of data that will be captured , stored , protected and analyzed going forward will be unstructured .”
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