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There are also more options for meeting the needs of mobile callers with digital deflection and self-service channels that help reduce toll-free charges and increase efficiencies . Avaya OneCloud CCaaS will also support the company ’ s planned growth with global scale , reach and security .
Working quickly and reliably from anywhere with an all-in-one cloud communications solution
The company ’ s executive management team and other select teams ( i . e . software developers and supervisors ) are using Avaya Cloud Office for real-time communication that helps improve decision making and increase customer value .
“ When you ’ re talking to thousands of customers on a daily basis , there are many unique situations that you have to navigate . Being able to communicate in realtime about things like policy changes and customer qualifications across all of our global operations centers is massively important ,” said Ifedirah .
The executive management team also uses Avaya Cloud Office to solve problems in real-time while prospects are on the phone , being able to share information quickly through one simple , easy-to-use solution .
Other solution features Engagent Health plans to take advantage of include voicemail-to-text ( being able to automatically convert voicemails to text that can be read in the body of emails and text messages ), automatic call recording ( automatic recording of inbound and outbound calls ; administrators can also set up the system to record inbound calls for specific departments ), and multi-level auto attendant ( being able to answer calls automatically with custom greetings and making sure every call is directed to the right person or team regardless of location or device being used .
Innovating member acquisition and enhancing quality measures with Avaya OneCloud CPaaS
Research shows the average engagement rate at this point in most plans hovers around 20 – 30 % ( quality measures are tied to the ability to follow up with customers to complete the deployment of their care plan ). With help from Avaya , Engagent Health is better positioned to assist its clients to move their customers down the path of engagement .
The company is looking to use Avaya OneCloud CPaaS to expand customer engagement with a more holistic , digital communications experience .
This includes seamless third-party integration , web self service ( via a conversational chat bot that can greet customers and answer commonly asked questions ), and proactive outbound notifications that can track responses and personalize interactions . Using Avaya OneCloud CPaaS , Engagent Health can build whatever service it needs to meet customer expectations .
Rising to the task during a public health crisis
Engagent Health is differentiated by its innovative vision for the sales process as part of the end-to-end customer journey .
“ It ’ s not about just selling something and moving on ,” Ifedirah explained .
Once a customer becomes a member of a specific care plan , the company has to reach out to the person to introduce them to their plan , answer frequently asked questions , get them their ID cards and more .
As we closed out one of the most volatile periods in recent history , companies across the care continuum are being called to rise to the task of increasing efficiency , resiliency and reliability .
“ We need to take license from other industries and apply that to what is being done in healthcare , including critical areas of care like member acquisition and care plan engagement . Avaya is helping us move fast to deliver the kind of experiences that will put us ahead of the rest ,” said Ifedirah . p
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