Intelligent CIO North America Issue 21 - Page 48

Engagent Health has deployed Avaya solutions to benefit from a single cloud platform across multiple locations that has the flexibility to support Digital Transformation and major growth in the future .

Engagent Health increases c using Avaya OneCloud Solut

Sunset at Orlando , Florida

The COVID-19 pandemic exposed a looming crisis in healthcare accessibility that has made organizations like Florida-headquartered Engagent Health critical .

The company ’ s unified , cloud-based platform streamlines the sales process for agencies and health plans in the government payor space , including everything from agent onboarding to Customer Relationship Management ( CRM ) to provide a single resource for all member acquisition initiatives . others who lost coverage as a result , Engagent Health is a vital resource for exploring options and finding its best plan .
In the short-term , the company needed to maintain quality of service amidst a huge increase in call volume while keeping staff reliably connected to get work done . In the long-term , there was the need to support scalable growth ( the company has two operations centers in Florida as well as in the Dominican Republic ) and better innovation for member acquisition initiatives .
As part of its offering , the company also provides outsourced agent support to help offset peak call times focusing strictly on member acquisition . For the 43 % of adults ages 19 – 64 that had inadequate health insurance prior to the pandemic , and the millions of
The company has ambitious Digital Transformation plans for reshaping the way people think of member engagement . Austin Ifedirah , Founder and CEO at Engagent Health , knew the company ’ s patchwork system could no longer hold up as they forged ahead .
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